American Bully Manufacturing is a team of like-minded entrepreneurs, creative engineers, and design specialists with over 10 years of expertise in the Industrial, Automotive, Marine, Unmanned Vehicle, and other Consumer Markets. With the expertise and equipment this is the place in Maryland for your manufacturing.


Manufacturing Expertise

American Bully will provide a team built for your industry with the proper knowledge and support to best benefit your product. The team of engineers and developers are always available to assist with your project and make adjustments when needed. And will provide advice, lessons, tips, and secrets from people who have been in your positions to set you up for a stress-free process.

Full Machine Shop

American Bully is a fully supplied Machine Shop located in Annapolis Junction, Maryland. The shop includes but is not limited to Precision Machining, Metal Fabrication, Painting and Coating, Integration and Assemblies, Molding and Prototyping, Wire Harnessing and PCB Manufacturing, and Logistics and Packaging. Please check out our full list of Capabilities Here.       



Quality, Affordable Products

Here at American Bully we are strong believers of keeping our capabilities in house. With the ability to have clients work closely with us during the development of their product, initial prototyping and first production runs are well monitored and assembled with quality and price in mind.

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